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Printing solutions we provide Share

Silk screen

Usual spot color printing,Most economic decorating option,also the most Eco-friendly solution.


Mostly used on polyester fabric for full color printings,especially large size ones,The artwork is mirror printed on a transfer paper,then ink evaporates into the fabric and transfers the printing

Heat transfer

Similar to sublimation,but the ink is more like "stick" to the fabric,not evaporates into,Thus there's a tiny thickness different,Usually for small size full color printing


Commonly used for CMYK processed bags,Each color are printed on a film(glossy or matte finished),and then the film is laminated to bag material

Hot Stamping

A steel stamp shaped into the artwork,stamp on the material and transfer the color onto fabric,Used to be gold and silver only,but now can do many different colors

Offset printing

Most traditional printing method used for paper printing.Now can be done on different fabric.Outcome is similar to sublimation and lamination,but with softer contrast,also this saves the mold fee



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